“Attachment” is a well-known theory in psychology that refers to the relational imprints formed in one’s early years that continue to influence most, if not all, subsequent relationships. Specific attachment styles form as a result of these early interactions, and we carry these relational patterns with us into the workplace.

Workplace relationships have been significantly underestimated in how they influence corporate success.

Abby Silva

Relational connection cannot be mandated
or structured it must be cultivated and invested into. 

Over the years leaders and organizations have focused their efforts on leadership development, systems development and organizational development. With all of our incredible technological advancements, information and training, companies continue to experience setbacks in productivity and increased dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Human relationships working in harmony is the oil that make these systems productive and reliable. If the oil has run out, then we work harder and mechanisms in the system grate each other and become a barrier to workplace contentment and organizational success. How we relate matters! We must consider and address relational injuries that impact employee mental and emotional well-being and hinder corporate achievement.

When people feel safe and connected, their creativity is unlocked. Engagement is more likely to occur, and greater productivity is a natural and organic outcome.

Abby Silva

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