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I have known Abby Silva for more than 10 years in a variety of capacities. She is one of the most gifted “people persons” I have ever worked with in any corporate or team environment. I am in key leadership positions in 2 different organizations and know well the joys and challenges this brings. In order to achieve success our people and teams need to operate from a place of optimum health. Abby brings a wealth of wisdom, natural intuition, and leadership to how she works with people. Her approach is unique yet direct and to the point. How do leaders ensure their people are healthy individuals and team members? Bringing in someone with Abby’s expertise will be the smartest investment you will ever make for your organization. No matter where your team is at in its evolution, Abby will bring about that shift you have been looking for to heal, to move forward or to rise up to a new level.”

Dean – Leader President , British Columbia 

“Abby’s expertise provided me with immediate insights and tools that delivered results in all facets of my life.  She creates a safe space to share and provides active listening with reflective feedback that makes one feel heard and understood.  I feel empowered, and because of our work together, I am on my way to becoming the best version of myself.”

Irene – Leader – British Columbia

“Abby was in Scotland for 4 weeks during the summer of 2016. She totally changed me, saved my business and my relationship with my friend who is also my business partner. If it were not for our sessions I may well have thrown in the towel. Abby spent some time to observe, listen and get to know me. It was very powerful when she took me through my unconscious pain point. I understood why I think the way I think, why I act the way I act and why I was not successful in my business. She met with my business partner and I before her return to Canada. We were able to understand our attachment styles and our attachment triggers. This gave us greater understanding of our workplace challenges. We understand our roles better. Abby will continue to help us from a distance. I will really miss her!”

Chen – Business Owner – Scotland, United Kingdom

“I first met Abby approximately 6 years ago. She has helped me realize significant breakthroughs both personally and professionally. Abby helped me understand the impact and influence I have as a leader on the decisions and people within our organization. She often challenges me to understand the “why” behind what I’m feeling and to trust in my conscience when taking action. She helped me learn to communicate in a more constructive, honest way that has resulted in the development of more open and honest relationships at work and at home. She helped me find the courage to act purposefully and the confidence to trust myself and those I work with. It has been a true gift to work with Abby. I wouldn’t be the man or leader I am today without her and the work she has guided me through. She has had a profoundly positive and constructive influence on my life. I am and will be forever grateful for her. Thank you Abby.”

Keith – Maintenance & Engineering Manager, British Columbia

“Abby is both extremely knowledgeable and professional. She can relate to a wide spectrum of individuals while helping them manage difficult and unique situations. I was very impressed with how equally fair both parties were treated and how effective and positive the outcome was.”

Dan – Business Owner (32 years) – British Columbia, Canada

“I sought out Abby’s mentorship at a time when my team and I lacked leadership, efficiency and shared vision.  Through the use of individual sessions and group brainstorming, Abby helped us to re-focus and enliven our individual and team vitality where each member of the team, including myself, felt seen, heard and valued.  We came out of the experience with appreciation of each other’s unique brilliance and a new approach for collaboration.  Thank you, Abby!”

Jenn Business Owner (17 years) – British Columbia, Canada

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