What We Offer

As a corporate relational consultant, I work with a wide range of clients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to executives, leaders, managers and their teams.

Through my training and experience in psychology, business and mediation I educate and empower individuals in the corporate world to understand how they attach relationally and how this presents in their workplace relationships.

An initial assessment will help to determine attachment styles, personal triggers and reactivity in the workplace. Ensuing work includes self regulating strategies, communication skills, and ways to create safe and secure workplace connections.

As a corporate relations expert, I specialize in the following areas:

Identifying Areas of Disconnect Within

work teams and leadership to create healthy interactions between leaders/employees and leaders/leaders.

Collecting and Using Data

obtained from teams to strategically remedy attachment injuries for safer, more productive and efficient outcomes and corporate goals.

Using Science and Research Based Education

for leaders and teams regarding relational barriers, and developing strategies to self-regulate and safely connect in the workplace.

Intra-Team Mediation

When there has been prolonged conflict within an organization, I am called in to mediate the relationship and produce a “Workplace Relationship Agreement”.

Developing Team Esteem

I provide learning opportunities and interactive workshops to teach individuals how to self-regulate, how to set and maintain healthy boundaries and how to manage stress in the workplace.

More information available upon request.

Leadership Coaching

I coach and support leaders to develop a culture of safety and belonging for their employees. Leaders learn to set healthy expectations using care and accountability to build trust.

Hear from some of my clients

“It was a privilege to work with Abby both personally and corporately.  Her skillset is honed to be both discerning and humorous, forthright yet compassionate.   Personally, my marriage and my family have benefited tremendously from Abby’s knowledge and application of attachment theory.  Corporately, she has the unique ability to quickly determine the underlying beliefs and influences that are toxic to a work environment and then facilitate growth and change in a compelling manner.  The most resistant participants are drawn into the work Abby does, and it is plain fun to be a part of it.  After corporate sessions, individuals recognize Abby’s unique approach, and they line up to be able to work with her personally.  I highly recommend Abby to any leader who longs to improve their workplace culture, and as a by-product, increase productivity.”

Dr. Sheryl, British Columbia

“I was introduced to Abby through my employer when I was brought into the company as a senior leader responsible for Health and Safety at a large industrial facility. My new job included driving a major culture change within a very challenging labor relations environment. Abby worked with me to help me better understand and manage the attachment barriers and thinking traps that had been the root of some struggles that had previously plagued me both personally and professionally. I suffered a very tragic personal event about a year into my new job. With my employer and Abby’s support, I navigated through this dark period of my life. The culture shift I was responsible for was a success and I have since transitioned in the company to a more senior role. I cannot say enough about the value of Abby’s work. I continue to use Abby’s services and positively grow as both a person and a leader.”

Mark , Director, Health and Safety, British Columbia

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