The Cost Of Workplace Conflict

How much does workplace drama cut into the effectiveness of your organization?
How much profit is lost by conflict?

Conflict is Costly!

Workplace conflict cuts into profits and companies spend thousands of dollars yearly, implementing new systems and protocols to circumvent this leak of time and resources. Unfortunately, no system put in place will be successful if it is built on an unstable foundation.

Research has proven that the health and well-being of the relational
interactions within an organization are the foundation it can build upon.

The cost of job tension and employee stress is twofold; not only are energy and resources spent mediating hot-spots, repairing offences, and redirecting projects, but the very productivity and creativity of individuals and teams decrease in an atmosphere of tension and stress. Individuals become discouraged, feel unsafe and go into self-preservation mode. They no longer do more than is expected of them. They disconnect from the team, diluting the power, strength and creative capability of the organization.

My work of Corporate Attachment ® is also twofold. It is designed to stabilize teams experiencing crisis, repair breeches and other ‘cracks in the foundation’, and to educate leaders and team members in cultivating a workplace culture of trust and safety. A culture that optimizes engagement, cooperation and creativity, and maximizes your company’s growth potential.

Lets Work Together!

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